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Throughout the years we have represented owners at many of the nation's top breeder's sales, futurities, and racing events. 

We attend all of the Ocala sales at OBS, and most of the Louisiana, and Texas sales every year in order to stay abreast of what is selling. We spend a great deal of time talking to consigners, trainers, and breeders, and we try and ask all the right questions.Many times we know the local track veterinarians and we can talk to them regarding a young race horse they may work with, or a broodmare they may have some history on.

We have travel in and out of most racetracks across the southern U.S. each and every week. We typically visit race tracks and training centers in Florida, Louisiana, Texas and ocassionally New Mexico and Oklahoma.

We cover these tracks on the "backside" to see the competition run and create evaluation reports for our customers. We do not sit in the grandstands, we actually go to the barns, watch the workouts, and talk with the trainers, and riders, and grooms, to better understand each horse.

We have been covering the sport for over 30 years and typically know the owners, or consigners of many horses being sold at auction.  We will help you bid on a particular horse, or simply ask good questions that you wish to know the answers such as is there a reserve?, or maybe if the horse is a RNA, we can negotiate on your behalf once the horse is back at the auction barn. Many times there is a "sellers regret" on having set a reserve too high and they are willing to listen to reasonable offers. Many agents and owners do not want to take the horse back to their farms, we can be of help.