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About Santa Fe Equine:

Originally founded in Montana in 1979 by Mario "Kit" Espin, the company's purpose was to be a professional equine service provider for the transportation and evaluation of high end race horses. 

Mario began operations from his ranch in Montana and started transporting broodmares in the dead of winter to the breeding sheds in Ocala, Florida and Lexington, Kentucky where the nation's top stallions resided. The company has since developed into a regional equine service provider based in the Ocala area specializing in race horse transportation, and equine appraisals of Thoroughbreds and running Quarter Horses.

With owners Mario and Dee at the helm, Santa Fe Equine will continue to prosper as we listen to our customers and meet and exceed their expectations each and every day.

Lewiston Tribune

Front Page of Newspaper

September 11, 1981

Lewiston, Idaho "Round-Up Rodeo"

  Kit Espin on NFR bronc "Checkmate"

Our Objective:

We are professional horsemen with a deep knowledge of horses, their behavior, and their requirements. The care we provide for our customer's horses is the reason we are in business after 30 years.

We handle horses daily for a living, we transport them, evaluated them, and care for them. The condition of the horses during the transit process is our top objective. We want all of our customers to feel a sense of assurance when you allow us to care for your horses during their travel.

Our Goal:

We started the Company with one goal in mind, to serve our customers by exceeding their expectations.

We truly go beyond what is expected and try our best to provide you and your horse with the best service possible.

Our Name:

While most would associate the name
Santa Fe with the popular New Mexico destination that was established around 1603, we are proud to say the Santa Fe region of Florida was discovered almost 100 years earlier, around 1513.

 History books tell us the mainland of the North American continent was first landed on by the Spanish explorer Ponce de Leon on Easter Sunday, March 27, 1513. He claimed the land for Spain and named it La Florida, meaning "Land of Flowers". 

 Between 1513 and 1563 the Government of Spain launched 6 expeditions to settle Florida. During this process, the Spanish troops discovered the Santa Fe river and Lake Santa Fe, where we make our home today. Hence, the Santa Fe region of Florida is rich in early American history.

Santa Fe Equine and

Santa Fe Horse Transport

are wholly owned subsidiaries of

Santa Fe Equine, LLC

A Florida company

Santa Fe Equine, LLC. All rights reserved.

 Members of: (Present and Past)

  • Florida Thoroughbred Farm Managers
  • Louisiana Thoroughbred Breeders Association
  • Florida Quarter Horse Racing Association
  • American Quarter Horse Association
  • National Cutting Horse Association
  • American Paint Horse Association
  • American Society of Equine Appraisers
  • Florida Paint Horse Association
  • United States Dressage Federation
  • United States Equestrian Association
  • Oldenburg Breeders Registry
  • Professional Rodeo Association
  • Montana Cowboy Hall of Fame
  • ​Montana State University Rodeo Club

​Media Coverage:

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